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 Rules for joining LegioPHX

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Lucius Verus
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PostSubject: Rules for joining LegioPHX   Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:06 am

Requirements for applying to join LegioPHX
Must have a pop of 100 or over
Must have an army
Must be raiding others
Must not be being farmed/raided
Must read the rules
Must be active daily
Must be in South EastThese rules will be obeyed, and enforced harshly.

If you break the rules be prepared to be dealt with by being kicked from the alliance and heavily farmed if you cant provide a legitimate reason as to why the rules were broken. Every rule is as important as the next.

1. Red dots will be kicked
2. Repeatedly yellow dot will also be kicked
3. Be active at least once a day (or have a sitter or two for when you can't)
4. Be active on the forums
5. Build troops and raid players not part of another alliance
6. Follow orders from those in leadership positions
7. Help your allies and our confederates, be considerate to all.
8. Abide by NAPs or be kicked
9. Have Fun
10. Respond to MMs that request information. Lack of response will be noticed by leadership.
11. Grow - This is a pretty simple one. If you're not growing, what are you doing? Players that are not growing bring the Alliance down as a whole.And finally, always follow Travian game rules.

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Rules for joining LegioPHX
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